Open virtual doors to.... anywhere!

A fully self managed platform that enables anyone to create immersive augmented reality portal experiences.

Creating YOUR AR Portal app is a breeze

Absolutely NO technical knowledge required... we have taken care of the techie stuff, allowing you to concentrate on creating WOW moments for your audience.

Virtual View AR is a globally unique AR platform

For the very first time the concept of Augmented Reailty Portals has been developed into a self managed commercial platform, giving organisations of all sizes the opportunity to engage audiences in amazing virtual journeys.

Utilise your own 360 image and video content or have one of our team create for you

See some amazing examples

Finally an Augmented Reality solution that ANYONE can utilise

Destination promotion, events, hotels, property, brand initiatives - the applications are endless. Simplicity, impact and legacy are key to a successful AR implementation and Virtual View AR offers them all.

If you have an idea or initiative you would like to discuss, we are all ears!

What people saying

From businesses to the general public, our portals have really captured the imagination.
Allan Hamilton

Brilliant Trails

I saw this technology some time ago but it had not been developed into an actual platform. We have so many uses for this - don't know where to start!
Paul Costello

Systems Design Consultant

That’s pretty amazing. Would like to see it in the flesh. Brings a whole new level of experience to digital signage and marketing.
Jayne McAfee

W5 visitor

I have never seen anything like it before. I have walked through all 6 portals here and I still cannot fathom how they work. My favourite has to be the fantasy world - the children loved that one as well!
John McEvoy

Virgin Retail

This was wonderful to see, would love to learn more on this technology as I could see a really interesting fit in premium retail stores to enhance the in-store experience in some way.
Mike Grogan

Vodafone Buisness

Some immense retail experience opportunities here!!
Micaela Ayelén Di Stefano

Social Media Marketing Assistant

This is incredible! I had to share it in my profile! Augmented reality portals! If this goes into the tourism market, it's going to be huge! Imagine going anywhere in the world and getting these AR VR lenses and looking that scene back before that building was built? Or back when that forest had animals today are extinct?

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W5 integrates Virtual View AR

W5 integrates Virtual View AR

Just recently the W5 visitor attraction integrated Virtual View AR as part of their Land of Legends immersive experience.

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360 experts search

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