Local business benefit

Tourist Wise local business benefits

With more and more visitors taking short breaks, time has certainly become an important factor in the tourism equation. Finding a suitable place to eat or buy refreshments can disrupt even the most well planned itinerary. Often local businesses lose out on incoming visitor activity simply as a result of a lack of visitor knowledge.

We are now developing a directory facility as part of the next Tourist Wise release. This will enable app owners to associate and promote local businesses based upon their distance from specific point of interest. Businesses will be able to offer business descriptions, images and video to support their inclusion and the app will automatically utilise the users device navigation to take them to the business in question,

To encourage visitors to avail of local services instead of looking elsewhere, businesses will also have the ability to create vouchers offering visitor deals and discounts. Ensuring these vouchers are only redeemable through the app will help to generate qualified visits to local businesses and promote the use of the app throughout their visit.

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