Journey tracking now available

Tourist journey tracking

More and more tourism organisations are looking for data in an effort to gain intelligence about how their visitors travel and explore. This data is becoming ever more important in re-evaluating and planning offerings on both a local and regional level. The TouristWise app now has the ability to track visitor journeys and will soon offer both realtime visibility and historic reporting, providing a wealth of information to identify trends, predict volume, identify location issues and oversights and much more.

This functionality isn’t just a one way street as knowing visitor locations enables us to leverage geofenced push messaging. Whilst we are certainly not advocates of obtrusive messaging, we have identified many instances when proactive messaging serves to enhance the visitor experience. These of course include highlighting a particular point of interest as a visitor enters or exits a specific area or driving a visitor to a local eatery to help spread the positive tourism impact locally. However one key application we are currently looking at is proactive capacity alerts.


The Dark Hedges


The Dark Hedges has been made even more well know than it previously was by its notoriety as The Kings Road in the tremendously successful Game of Thrones.
Screen tourism has proven a particularly successful segment of Northern Irelands tourism sector, but with it has come the issue of over capacity. During the summer season this rural location becomes particular difficult to navigate and a nightmare for visitors.


We are developing a simple mobile interface which will enable a member of staff to select red, amber or green to denote current visitor levels. A geofenced area will define a specific boundary around the location, following the roads that lead to The Dark Hedges. On crossing the boundary visitors will be sent a message advising them of the current visitor numbers and if “red”, proposing alternative points of interest they may wish to visit at that time. Of course the TouristWise mobile app will provide details of the proposed alternatives, together with full navigation instructions..

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