Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

How are you different to any other app development organisation?

That’s a very important question!
The overriding difference is that we are not an app development company, we are team of tourism experience professionals. The focus of the WISE initiative is to bring digital into the tourism sector.

Do we need any technical knowledge or experience?

That’s an emphatic NO!
Our key aim is to ensure that anyone can use our platform, irrespective of their previous experience. Quite literally – if you can write an email you can use our platform.

Do you provide support and guidance?

For many this is their first experience of mobile and we want to ensure it is a painless and rewarding experience. We are not only here to help and guide prior to becoming a WISE client but most importantly, during the process and post launch.

What about future development?

We are continually being asked to consider new elements of functionality, sometimes for general usage and occasionally for a more specific reason.  If these requests will aid in providing a more feature rich solution for our clients then there is no question – we will oblige. Once the functionality has been created it is automatically made available to all WISE clients.

Does the app run on both IOS and Android devices?

It certainly does.
The app has been developed separately for each platform to ensure that it always retains the utmost in functionality and flexibility.

What if we want to change content?

It’s really simple!
Add or alter content whenever required using the web based content management system. The moment your app is launched by a user it will check for any updates and automatically update everything.
Maybe you have decided to add a new self guided tour, some additional points of interest at a location or some new local events. No problem – your users will see then as soon as they are added.

What if there is no network or Wifi?

A great question!
The WISE app is not reliant on a connection to a network – all content is downloaded to the users device. This was developed purposely to ensure that no matter where your user is located, they can always utilise you app. They may be in a rural location, a network blackspot or even the dungeon of a castle – no problem.

The only limitation to functionality will be the use of navigation which simply cannot function without a suitable network connection.

Can we launch multiple apps?

Your setup may dictate the need for multiple apps, each of which delivers a specific experience or content delivery requirement. From your WISE dashboard you can manage all requirements and with a little customisation, deliver different content to individual apps.

As an example you may wish to have a self guided tour app for your local area, together with a specific experience app for a particular attraction. Later you may decide to bring both offerings into a single app as you begin to consolidate your mobile offerings. That is just fine and enables you to tailor your mobile approach as your needs change and evolve.

Will our content be safe and secure?

All data is stored on one of our secure servers owned and operated by Iomart Group PLC. They are one of the largest hosting organisations in the UK and host data for organisations such as The BBC, NHS, Ministry of Defence and The Guardian. Your data is in very safe hands!

10. Developer documentation

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Have more questions?

No problem at all. Simply contact us in any of the normal ways and we will do our best to answer any and all questions you might have.
Get ready to ask away!