AR doors

We have been asked by so many clients to look at how augmented reality can add value to their visitors experience. With AR and VR receiving growing attention it’s no wonder that organisations are thinking about how to use it. There is no doubt that anything that can increase engagement and help to deliver content in interesting and immersive ways is a good thing. However the degree to which augmented reality can contribute to this very much depends upon the circumstances and a consideration for balance between value and cost. We have witnessed extremely poor results from some rather expensive AR and VR initiatives, the result of poor conception and an overly focussed approach to application. According to Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger, they prefer AR to VR headsets and his argument is that augmented reality is more sociable, communicative and apprehensive.

So what we have decided to do is to create a simple element of augmented reality, focusing on ensuring that it can be adopted with little expense, offers genuine value and will suit a broad range of applications. We have taken some sample 360° imagery and video and provided accessibility using a series of augmented reality doors or portals. These doors will appear as the user views their surroundings with their phone and moving towards the doors will allow them to step through into other environments. This functionality will be integrated into the Tourist Wise mobile platform, enabling clients to manage any number of doors and the experiences that exist behind them.

360 imagery and video has become common place and provides extremely immersive experiences when used in conjunction with device movement. We see it being of great benefit for those wishing to showcase areas, indoor locations or remote points of interest inaccessible or off limits to the public.

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