Augmented & virtual reality

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AR and VR help to bring facts and stories to life, they can educate and inform, excite and intrigue.
For tourism to benefit from digital it is accessibility that drives its success and that means AR.
Here are just a few of the many elements we can develop to enhance visitor experiences FOR ALL.

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W5 integrates Virtual View AR

W5 integrates Virtual View AR

Just recently the W5 visitor attraction integrated Virtual View AR as part of their Land of Legends immersive experience. They have chosen a series of 360 videos and images to [...]
360 experts search

360 experts search

As we begin to receive international enquiries, the requirement for 360 services beyond our regional area has become very apparent. As such we have embarked upon an […]

live 360 video streaming

Live 360 video streams

With live video becoming ever popular as a means of showcasing events as they happen, we are now working on developing 360 live video portals. Imagine having […]

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