Animation and VFX

We create photo realistic 3D models and animation

The world is not always as it seems and sometimes user engagement and entertainment requires a helping hand. We use 3D modelling and animation to bring scenes to life, including mixing the virtual with actual video. We also create 360 degree virtual environments for true VR experiences.
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We mix real ground and drone footage with artificial CGI to tell a story or help visitors step back in time.

3D visualisation

We create 3D objects and animation to make moving scenes and static interpretation come to life.

360 degree

We design 360 degree virtual environments to immerse users in the past, present and future in both AR and VR.

Characters and artifacts

We design and render characters for branding and promotional initiatives and artefacts for gamification, history telling and physical sculpture.

A few examples

If you have a specific requirement do let us know, especially if you have an interest in recreating historical viewpoints or locations within a tourism area.
VFX cliffs
VFX windmills
360 animation fantasy
VFX tower
VFX drone

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