360 image and video

Augmented reality in tourism

We hooked up with Thomas McVea from Virtual Visit Tours last week to chat about what he’s doing with 360 cameras and it’s awesome. Unlike many who throw in this as an afterthought, for Thomas 360 is his business. So now if any of our clients would like to utilise 360 image or video content as part of their promotional activity, we have the right man for the job. Feel free to visit him at Virtual Visit Tours and see his amazing work.

We are planning to add this functionality to Tourist Wise in the coming weeks, enabling organisations to deliver immersive 360 views and videos through our app. We can see many advantages of having this functionality available, notably enabling visitors to explore a room or location not accessible to the general public.
We want users to explore these 360 environments using their phones movement rather than having to interact with the screen. As such we will be using Google VR to ensure that the experience is more immersive and making it instantly usable with Google Cardboard.

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