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Our main goal is BENEFIT FOR ALL

For tourism to really WORK it needs to be so many things : easy, efficient, accessible, informative, inclusive, connected, sustainable and so much more. We use digital to connect people with places in cost effective, sustainable and engaging ways for the benefit of all.

Mobile apps

We build mobile apps that have genuine and lasting impact on the visitor experience, from a simple moment of immersion to a curated journey of discovery. Our mobile apps are designed to aid communities, attractions, local authorities and tourism organisations in curating visitor experiences. Our focus is on making mobile an option for ALL within tourism by ensuring our apps are accessible, scalable and cost effective.

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AR and VR

We create augmented and virtual reality elements and experiences for both mobile and headsets, providing cost effective ways to add immersion and WOW moments to visitor journeys. We concentrate on tourism focussed “augmented reality” to ensure the broadest possible uptake on mobile devices as part of an holistic approach to visitor journeys.

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Animation and VFX

The world is not always as it seems and sometimes user engagement and entertainment requires a helping hand. We use 3D modelling and animation to bring scenes to life, including mixing the virtual with actual video. We also create 360 degree virtual images and videos to tell an historical story, transport a visitor to a moment in time or engage a child in fantasy.

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Animation and VFX
Tourism branding

Websites and branding

We develop branding and narrative to create or extend an offering within the tourism sector. This work is often used as part of physical experiences created to encourage outdoor exploration, attract footfall to more remote locations or aid land and estate owners in diversifying into tourism. Creating the right impression to pre-visit research is a key element of tourism success.

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Tourist journey tracking

Journey tracking now available

More and more tourism organisations are looking for data in an effort to gain intelligence about how their visitors travel and explore. This data is becoming ever [...]
W5 integrates Virtual View AR

W5 integrates Virtual View AR

Just recently the W5 visitor attraction integrated Virtual View AR as part of their Land of Legends immersive experience. They have chosen a series of 360 videos and images to [...]
360 experts search

360 experts search

As we begin to receive international enquiries, the requirement for 360 services beyond our regional area has become very apparent. As such we have embarked upon an […]

live 360 video streaming

Live 360 video streams

With live video becoming ever popular as a means of showcasing events as they happen, we are now working on developing 360 live video portals. Imagine having […]

Lough Erne Heritage

Lough Erne Heritage

We are pleased to announce that Lough Erne Heritage have chosen TouristWise as the platform for their heritage mobile app. We have been fortunate enough to secure […]

Augmented reality in tourism

360 image and video

We hooked up with Thomas McVea from Virtual Visit Tours last week to chat about what he’s doing with 360 cameras and it’s awesome. Unlike many who […]

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